Diary of Events

Sat 31st Aug & Sun 1st Sep 2019 10am ~ 5pm - Angelic Reiki Second Degree with Sue Owen, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher

Now connect with the Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers who will also work with you to give beautiful healing. You will learn how to give distant healing and multidimensional healing to help release negative issues from the past including past life issues and bring about well-being. Receive your life enhancing second Angelic Reiki attunement and be given guidance on how to use the sacred symbols in your everyday life. This also finishes with the beautiful Angelic Attunement mediation. The energy exchange is £155....more details

Sat 5th Oct 10am ~ 4pm - Angelic Lightworker First Degree Sue Owen

Enhance your life by developing your skills in the use of Oracle Cards. Whether you have used them before or are new to this the knowledge this course gives you can change your life. This course teaches you to give Angel Readings for yourself friends and family with confidence and grace and enjoy a deeper connection with the Angels Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October. The energy exchange is £125....more details

Sat 12th Oct 10am ~ 4pm - Crystals to Heal your Self-Worth Sue Owen

Discover how with the help of Crystals you can help to heal your Self Worth. Find out what is the deep-rooted cause for your low self-esteem and make the changes, so you can live your life as you wish it. From 10am until 12 noon. The energy exchange is £30....more details

Sat 26th Oct & Sun 27th Oct 2019 10am ~ 5pm - Angelic Reiki First Degree with Sue Owen, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher

Meet the Angels and many of the Archangels who you will be working with. Receive your first Angelic Reiki attunement enabling you to give healing as a channel for yourself and your loved ones. You’ll be taught how to give healing with intention and importantly how to treat yourself. The workshop finishes with a beautiful Angelic attunement meditation. The energy exchange is £125....more details

Sat 9th Nov 10am ~ 4pm - Mediumship Workshop Sue Owen

A light and lovely day enhancing your connections with Spirit. Lots of fun activities to help you trust your communications with the higher realms and to build your relationship with them.. The energy exchange is £50....more details

Sat 16th Nov 10am ~ 4pm - The Way of the Earth Angel Sue Owen

*Learn more about the Angels and how they can empower you *Discover what type of Earth Angel you are *Learn how to improve your life combining the spiritual with the physical worlds *Create a deeper Love for yourself and the world around you Spend two days in the company of the Angels and like-minded people, turning over a new leaf for a new you Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th November. The energy exchange is £120....more details

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Join us for an evening Meditation on Petersfield Heath ~ post code GU31 4EJ meeting at the Nursery by the Lake car park at 6:45pm on Tuesday 13th August for a guided meditation to connect with the surrounding energies and with Mother Earth. Thank you for your energy exchange of £5. Call 01730 267286 for further information

*Angel Blessings*
Sue x

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