Diary of Events

Sat 4th May 10am ~ 4pm - Dragon Workshop Sue Owen and Ben Owen

Discover the world of Dragons! Explore the myths and legends as well as the spirit energy of these mighty creatures. Meet your own Dragon and find out how they can empower your everyday life and create your own Dragon Mist Spray . The energy exchange is £50....more details

Sat 25th May 10am ~ 4pm - Past Life Regression Workshop Sue Owen

Experience a day retracing your steps in previous lives. Discover who you were and the empowering life(s)you had and how they affect you now Find out more about your soul mates . The energy exchange is £50....more details

Sat 8th Jun & Sun 9th Jun 2019 10am ~ 5pm - Angelic Reiki First Degree with Sue Owen, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher

Meet the Angels and many of the Archangels who you will be working with. Receive your first Angelic Reiki attunement enabling you to give healing as a channel for yourself and your loved ones. You’ll be taught how to give healing with intention and importantly how to treat yourself. The workshop finishes with a beautiful Angelic attunement meditation. The energy exchange is £120....more details

Sat 29th Jun 10am ~ 4pm - Spirit of the Earth (One day Workshop) Sue Owen

Spend the day connecting with the different spiritual aspects of Mother Earth Meet with Gaia and her loving and nurturing energy along with the Elementals and your Power Animals Find your Tribal past and how that can help you in the now We’ll work with Crystals, Flowers, Herbs, Essences and more for a rewarding and inspiring day Please call Sue 01760267286 or 0774 007 1524 email sueowen.angels@gmail.com to book your special place. Energy exchange just £50 per person *Earth Blessings* . The energy exchange is £50....more details

Stop Press !!!

CRYSTAL THERAPY TREATMENT Special Offer for APRIL Treat yourself to a wonderful session of Crystal Therapy and feel your troubles melt away. Each Crystal treatment is unique to you and while the crystals are gently placed on your body, they will help to heal what is going on underneath. The hours session is calming and relaxing and can help with any issue you might have. Please simply contact me to book a wonderful treatment APRIL SPECIAL OFFER £30 (normally £40)

*Angel Blessings*
Sue x

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